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[OOC] info for [community profile] melodiesoflife


Age: 15 (technically 27-ish but shh nah)
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon-point: Post-Dream Drop Distance
Housing: B-10 (14th District)
Employment: Part-time professional Blitzball player (reserve team); freelance
   monster hunter
Pets/familiars: Green Chocobo (Sora), two cats (Terra, Aqua)
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Name: Mograe, "Rae" for short.
Meaning: A moogle play on the name "Moirae," Latin for "fate."
Gender: Female
Personality: A heavy reader and skilled multitasker who prefers rational thinking
to jumping into things. Ven's recklessness brings out her sterner side, although she's
been grateful since day one to have a Hero who's taken to the situation as well as he
has. She isn't a fighter in the least, and while she typically defaults to Ven's authority
when a battle breaks out, she has a tendency to panic and worry over him all the
while. She has a more gentle and girly side that she rarely shows, although he's
bringing it out of her more often these days. The two butt heads on occasion,
particularly over Ven's well-being -- and the fact that she still considers him a child at
the end of the day -- but they trust each other as much as any Hero/moogle pair can.
And he made her a bag that she's very fond of.


01. Red Mage | MAX - EQUIPPED
02. Dragoon | Eleven months - EQUIPPED
03. Pirate | Three months
04. Engineer | Three months
05. Time Mage | MAX
06. Dancer | Four months
07. White Mage | One month
08. Ghostbuster | Five months
09. Santa Claus | Four months
10. Vampire | Zero months
Bonus: Onion Knight | level one

Keyblade (Wayward Wind): Stripped of its usual powers, it now serves as a normal
sword. High magic affinity. *Red Mage, Pirate

Halberd (Unnamed): Commissioned through MarKus Haley. Resembles Wayward Wind
in design. *Dragoon

Chappiness (Rukia Kuchiki)
Second Chance (Yuna [AU])
Crystallis Heart (Queen Sarah)

Limit Break: Salvation: A spinning attack combined with a wide blast of light that
strikes a wide radius. Includes a healing effect for all allies within range. Ven's Keyblade
regains its original abilities for the duration of the Limit Break.

Red Mage
InitialFire, Blizzard, Water, ThunderElemental attack spells (weak).
InitialCureHeals minor wounds.
One MonthEsunaCures status ailments.
Two MonthsBioAttack spell (may inflict poison).
Three MonthsFira, Blizzara, Watera, ThundaraElemental attack spells (mid).
Four MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds.
Six MonthsHoly Light, Dark CloudMid elemental attack spells (light and dark).
Nine MonthsIn The RedIncreases attack power the weaker the character is.
One YearDualcastAllows to cast two spells back-to-back.

InitialJumpLeaps high into the air before quickly descending to attack an enemy.
InitialCrescent MoonAttacks all enemies at once.
One MonthLancetAbsorbs life energy from an enemy (weak).
Two MonthsSpirit SurgeRaises endurance and agility (five minutes).
Three MonthsDecimateInstantly kills enemies with less than 15% of their health left.
Six MonthsMirage DiveTemporarily summons two clones to confuse the enemy and attack.
Nine MonthsDragon BreathCasts a magical fire breath against all enemies.
One YearChaos ThrustDevastating physical attack (all). Increases might for thirty minutes.

InitialPiracyRegular attacks deal twice the damage.
One MonthPlunderAttacks an enemy and simultaneously steal from them.
Two MonthsAdrenaline RushRaises physical attack and defense by 50% when grievously wounded.
Three MonthsBlack FlagRaises your chances of being targeted by enemies.
Four MonthsOn Board!Strikes alongside every party members for a massive attack.
Six MonthsRum DietAdds a healing effect to drinks containing alcohol.
Nine MonthsRope's EndAllows to swing from a rope magically held in the sky.
One YearAmped StrikeAn attack that deals four times the damages of a regular attack.
??????????Davy Jones' LockerSummons a tsunami that deals massive damages and kills weak enemies.

InitialPuppet MasterGives control over a puppet of Ancient design.
One MonthToolsCan use a multitude of working tools as weapons in battle.
Two MonthsLeg AimInflict damages to the legs of an enemy, preventing movement (40%).
Three MonthsArm ShotInflict damages to the arms, preventing weapon use and spell casting (25%).
Four MonthsRepairAllows to restore health to the damaged puppet.
Six MonthsSeal EvilPetrifies monsters of the dark element or belonging to the undead class.
Nine MonthsRole ReversalSwitches the health of the puppet with that of its master.
One YearDeus Ex AutomataThe puppet will always take a killing blow instead of its master.

Time Mage
InitialSlowHalves the passage of time for the target, effectively lowering their speed.
One MonthHasteDoubles the passage of time for the target, effectively boosting their speed.
Two MonthsFlashAllows the character to quickly appear and disappear.
Three MonthsDemiInflicts damages equal to 25% of the enemy's current health.
Four MonthsStopStops the passage of time for a target or area, freezing them in time.
Six MonthsBanishBans the target to the Interdimensional Rift.
Nine MonthsCombustionSpeeds molecules up on a target to the point of causing an explosion.
One YearMaelstromReduces the health of all enemies to 10% of their current health.
??????????Time KompressionReverts to a previous state when on the verge of defeat.

InitialVictory PoseA dance that restores 1/5 of all allies' health when done at the end of a battle.
One MonthSlow DanceA dance that can reduces the enemies' speed.
Two MonthsPolkaA dance that can poison the enemy.
Three MonthsWaltzA dance that can reduce an enemy's stats.
Four MonthsForbidden DanceA dance that inflicts a random status ailment.
Six MonthsDisillusionAllows to stack the effects to two dances.
Nine MonthsSoul MovesDoubles the effects of all dances.
One YearNameless DanceA song that casts Poison, Blind, Silence and Slow on all enemies.
??????????Choreography of LifeAn otherworldly dance so beautiful, the dead come back to life to watch it.
Custom Dances
InitialHip HopHalves the efficiency of dark-oriented attacks.
Three MonthsBreaktimeHalves defense and lowers the efficiency of healing spells
Seven MonthsCustom Dance #3Third custom dance. Can have a poison effect added
One YearCustom Dance #4Fourth custom dance. Can be twice as efficient as regular custom dances.

White Mage
InitialCureHeals minor wounds.
InitialEsunaCures status ailments.
One MonthProtect, ShellImproves an ally's resistance to physical or magical attacks.
Two MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds.
Three MonthsPrayerLessens exhaustion to nearby characters and grants them a random buff.
Four MonthsDivine CaressGrants resistance to status ailment (five minutes).
Six MonthsCuragaHeals major wounds.
Nine MonthsHolyVery powerful elemental attack spell (light).
One YearLifeRevives a character who died less than five minutes ago.

InitialParticle ThrowerEmits a positronic ionized stream of proton energy to attack the enemy.
One MonthDark LightA black flashlight revealing all that is invisible.
Two MonthsP.K.E. MeterA devices reading and tracking signs of paranormal activities.
Three MonthsContainment UnitAllows to capture and store ghosts away.
Four MonthsPower SurgeA burst of energy quintupling the strength of the proton pack for ten seconds.
Six MonthsDark Matter GeneratorCreates exotic particles that can absorb energy from supernatural entities.
Nine MonthsRadio CommunicationA radio allowing Ghostbusters to communicate between them.
One YearAtomic DestabilizerConverts solid matter into ghostly entities.
??????????Cross The StreamsTotal protonic reversal causing all life to end instantaneously. Maybe.

Santa Claus
InitialAll-Knowing ListEffects varies whether the target is on the good or naughty list.
One MonthThe Toy BagUnlocks a magical bag in which virtually anything can be stored.
Two MonthsChristmas SpiritInspires trust in others and spreads a joyful atmosphere around.
Three MonthsJingle BellShrinks self to go through chimneys or otherwise tiny passages.
Four MonthsCoal LumpsHarmless attack that hurts the target's confidence, pride and motivation.
Six MonthsHoly AdventDoubles the effectiveness of this Job on December.
Nine MonthsSecurity ElfSummons a Tarutaru-sized security elf to protect the character.
One YearLetter To SantaCapability to gift what is written on letters sent to the character.
??????????Coming To TownCan fly with a sleigh pulled by at least four Chocobos.

Initial Night Life Doubles strength, defense, senses and skills' effectiveness during nighttime.
Initial Silent Is utterly quiet throughout all actions: walking, breathing, touching, etc.
One Month Blood Thirst Regenerates energy upon drinking the blood of a living being.
Two Months Battle Thirst Increases all stats upon killing an enemy.
Four Months Regeneration Automatically regenerates and heals from wounds over time.
Six Months Absorb Stats Steals physical and magical might from the enemy and adds it to your own.
Nine Months Charm Controls the mind of an enemy or ally (50% chance of failing).
One Year Rise from the Dead If killed, revives within two to ten minutes (once per day only).
Item: Silver Shard Transformation Turns into a bat.

Onion Knight
One Maxed JobJob MasterExpands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed JobsMulti ExpStored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.
Five Maxed JobsEquipment LoreCan equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
Seven Maxed JobsDouble ExpDoubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.
Eight Maxed JobsStats TransferTakes on the stats, strengths and weaknesses of three maxed out Jobs.
Nine Maxed JobsTen SkillsAllows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs.
Ten Maxed JobsMelodies of LifeAwakens the true power of the Heroes of Light.


May 2015:
→ Pirate gained
→ Event bonus: +3 months for PR
→ Event bonus: x2 monthly exp for RM/DRG

June 2015:
→ Event bonus: x2 monthly exp for RM/DRG

July 2015:
→ Programmer gained
→ Engineer gained
→ Event bonus: +3 months for PGR and EGR

August 2015:
→ Time Mage gained; PGR discarded to compensate
→ Event bonus: +3 months for TM
→ Event bonus: +12 months exp for July/August combined. Distributed as +1 month for RM, +2 for DRG, +9 for TM
→ TM maxed
→ Onion Knight gained

September 2015:
→ Dancer gained
→ Event bonus: +4 months for DCR
→ White Mage gained (request)
→ Event bonus: x2 monthly exp for RM (and then he wasted the rest on his already maxed TM because he insists on having it equipped like a loser)

October 2015:
→ Ghostbuster gained
→ Event bonus: +3 months for GBR
→ Friendly monster bonus: +1 month for WHM and DRG
→ Event bonus: x2 monthly exp for GBR (wasted exp on TM again boo)

November 2015:
→ Event bonus: x2 monthly exp for RM and DRG

December 2015:
→ Santa Claus gained
→ Friendly monster bonus: +1 month for RM and SCL
→ Vampire gained (free event bonus)
→ Christmas bonus: x2 monthly exp for RM and DRG

Total time (as of 31Dec2015)
Red Mage: 12 months**MAXED**
Dragoon: 11 months
Pirate: 3 months
Engineer: 3 months
Time Mage: 12 months**MAXED**
Dancer: 4 months
White Mage: 1 month
Ghostbuster: 5 months
Santa Claus: 4 months
Vampire: 0 months

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