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Name:rebellious wind teenager | venтυѕ
Birthdate:Mar 13

Journal for Ventus from the Kingdom Hearts series, as played by [personal profile] its_game_time.

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"not a whole lot", aqua, awesome keyblade gliders, backtalking sometimes??, being a sassbrat, breakdancing, breakin ur heart, burning jerks with comebacks, calling out liars :|, casually destroying doomsday weapons nbd, chasing after my bro, coming along, disney town, dodge rolling superbosses, earth dad, emotional cameos, exploring!!, fighting for justice etc., friends, friendship, getting stronger, ice cream, keyblade training, keyblades, king mickey, land of departure, lea i guess, like 50 layers of clothing, making all the friends!!, making friends!!, making more friends!!, master eraqus, not being mistaken for roxas, not going home, not vanitas, sewing, sora, stargazing, taking two grown-ups, terra, training, water mom
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