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[OOC] IC knowledge for [community profile] melodiesoflife

Because I can get games and PSLs confused on top of the fact that canon is a complicated web of who-knows-what-and-who-doesn't so -- canon things Ven has learned in-game via events, other characters, etc.:

Default knowledge a.k.a. the things he arrived in game knowing because eeyyyy vague canon is vague:
+ He reconnected with Sora and has been sleeping inside his heart for a long time.
+ He sensed Aqua's presence after he fell asleep -- so after the Graveyard -- but could tell something bad had happened to her later on.
+ He's unaware of the other "sleeping ones" inside of Sora. The names "Roxas" and "Namine" sound extremely familiar to him but can't be placed. Xion is utterly unfamiliar.
+ Recognizes the names Riku and Kairi as two people very close and very important to Sora.
+ Is aware that Sora's a Keyblade wielder.
+ Recently sensed both Vanitas and Xehanort (Dream Drop Distance), but can't make any calls either way about what it might mean. (in which I contradict fandom and assume that Vanitas is not inside Sora.)

Memory Event:
+ Eraqus' death. He knows that Xehanort was the murderer, but is unaware that Eraqus survived inside Terra.
+ The destruction of the Land of Departure -- again, Xehanort. B[
+ He knows about the existence of both Ansem (Seeker of Darkness) and Xemnas, although only by face and the assumption that they're connected to Terra somehow. Also received a glimpse of Terra-Xehanort, although this was in appearance only.

Palitutu's character files:
+ It's been twelve years between the battle in the Graveyard and when he was resurrected here in Crystallis. (his previous guess was ten, going by Sora's age)
+ During their final battle, Vanitas possessed him and used the X-blade to fight Aqua and Mickey.
+ The full details of what transpired at the end of Birth by Sleep (his story, at least): his heart was mortally wounded by the destruction of the X-blade, he reached out to Sora, Sora accepted him, and his heart has been resting and healing inside of Sora's for all this time.
+ Aqua locked his body away in the Land of Departure. He's unaware that the land was transformed and "Castle Oblivion" doesn't mean anything to him at present.
+ His attempt to protect Sora in Dream Drop Distance sort of backfired. But also sort of worked. Riku is a bro, everything's fine.
+ Riku is also a Keyblade wielder.
+ His recent, unconscious detection of Vanitas was indeed valid, as Xehanort used him against Ven in an attempt to use Ven against Sora. The file was irritatingly vague on this point, but points to Vanitas being alive in some form FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU--.
+ Xehanort's attempts at obtaining the X-blade are a means to granting him access to "Kingdom Hearts." Again, the file was vague.

Night of the 13 Moogles:
+ Sora is a super dangerous wielder. Seriously. That's a given for all Keyblade wielders but no really this dude has Limit Forms??
+ Kairi is a Keyblade wielder, although not a very advanced one.

Character interaction:
+ Aqua is alive and well, but was last seen trapped in another world. (AU!Yuna)
+ Present-day Terra is alive and looking like himself, but he's also been seen sporting the same black coat as Xemnas. game AU confusion, gj Current whereabouts unknown. (Ira)
+ Aforementioned black coat is affiliated with a group known as the Organization. (Ira)
+ Aforementioned Organization also attempted to acquire Kingdom Hearts, but by manipulating Sora and his memories. (Ira)
+ Ira is a replica of Riku created by Vexen/Even, one of the Organization members, in a place called Castle Oblivion. (Ira)
+ Xehanort was presumably present in Ira's previous world for a time. (Ira)

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