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[OOC] pet/monster list for [community profile] dragonhaven

Name: Terra
Gender: Male
Species: Firelizard (brown)
Origin: Fort Weyr
Hatch Date: 7/20/13
Personality: While incapable of really fighting, Terra's nonetheless the "fighter" of Ven's two lizards, preferring to follow him into battle and act as a second pair of eyes. He's protective of Ven and his sister, but his master's easygoing mood typically keeps that from edging into territorial.

Name: Aqua
Gender: Female
Species: Firelizard (green)
Origin: Fort Weyr
Hatch Date: 7/20/13
Personality: Ven's baby, in short. She's smaller and more timid-natured than her sibling, and Ven avoids taking her near any fights when he can help it.

Details: Both of Ven's firelizards were obtained during the summer breeding season (after hunting down nests with Lioriley). Ven Impressed them by feeding them after they hatched, and now he shares a telepathic bond with each of them. He can sense their feelings and they can sense his, in short, and they're able to send him mental images. They also possess a teleporting ability.

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