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[ OOC ]
Backtagging: YES PLEASE I do much of this myself.
Threadhopping: Sure, unless otherwise specified.
Fourthwalling: Go for it! Pertaining to in-game, however, check with me first, since that could potentially affect castmates/close CR and I'd want to get their input first.
Offensive subjects: Generally, almost anything goes for me. I understand that IC=/=OOC and the views and beliefs of a character don't necessarily reflect those of the player. Even so, due to Ven's nature and young age, I'm a little pickier regarding what he's exposed to. Suggestive humor/remarks and the like will go over his head 99% of the time, but I'd prefer that anything particularly hard-rated is discussed first. /mother hen noises

[ IC ]
Hugging this character: SURE HUGS ARE GREAT
Kissing this character: Platonic cheek/forehead/whatever kisses are a-okay! Kiss kisses depend on your age (teens/tweens pls&thx) and gender (girls only) but even then expect a good amount of uh???
Flirting with this character: YOU CAN but there's no guarantee he'll realize what you're doing. Chances are good that he won't.
Fighting with this character: Yes. Yes. And yes. Refer to his latest app for an ability summary, and just know that he's... a tough little guy, to put it mildly. I'm always up for either planning out fight scenes ahead of time or just winging it!
Injuring this character: Sure! I'd like to discuss the possibility of any serious injuries beforehand, though.
Killing this character: Nnnnmmmmmmmaaaybe? I don't kill characters lightly, so it would depend on the cirumstances. Regarding [community profile] melodiesoflife, there's a higher chance of it happening at some time or another, but I'd prefer planning ahead all the same.


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