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[OOC] Headcanon notes

A list of headcanon bulletpoints that I've incorporated into my portrayal of Ven over time. The first part is made up of basic backstory things that I use openly in-game, usually done to cover basic angles and common ground that most characters with more visible canon history would have. These impact canonmates very little other than making safe assumptions that I figure are pretty self-explanatory. Note that some of these are subject to change depending on in-game developments.

The second part of this list is comprised of points that are more touchy, if only because they would impact canonmates in significant ways that wouldn't be fair to assume without player approval. I'll only ever use these in PSLs, although I'm fine with incorporating them into a game setting if the player of the affected character would like to. :>

Small things

+ Ven still suffers from his amnesiac headaches, to a degree. Trying to recall anything around Vanitas' creation or prior hurts, although no longer to the crippling extent last shown in canon.

+ He's recovered a few scraps of memory regarding his time as Xehanort's student, but these are very few and don't tell him much. He still remembers nothing of his life before that.

+ I'm disregarding most (if not all) of the BBS novels' backstory, particularly the hints that point toward Xehanort having been abusive towards him. (Yes, they are written by the scenario writer -- of 358/2 Days, not Birth by Sleep, and there's no official word that they're canon. Given that they explicitly contradict canon in a couple places, it's safer to say that the novels are their own canon, in a sense, much like the manga.) ANYWAY, in the unlikely event I ever get a Master Xehanort in-game then we can work something out but -- generally speaking, I tentatively aim towards the angle of Ven having been a street orphan that Xehanort took in, and this apparent gesture of kindness made Ven extremely fond, trusting, and respectful of him. It wasn't the most loving relationship, but it wasn't one ruled by fear, either. Again, it doesn't matter much since Ven barely remembers anything, but eeey. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

+ Following his arrival in the Land of Departure, he suffered from nightmares for a while and developed a habit of sleeping alongside Terra and/or Aqua. Even after the nightmares stopped, he'd do it anyway on occasion. Thus--

+ --he's willing to share a bed/any kind of sleeping space with another. It's an utterly casual gesture as far as he's concerned. He tends to cling tho

+ Following his split with Vanitas, Ven "lost" his Keyblade due to forgetting both his training and that he'd ever had it in the first place. He had to re-learn how to summon and wield it under Eraqus.

+ His "birthday" is March 13th -- the birthday that Eraqus and the others assigned him since that was the date of his arrival in the Land of Departure. His true date of birth is in December, but that's forever lost to history.

+ He can cook! Just basic things, though, and most forms of baking are still beyond him.

+ He's a tea drinker, thanks to Eraqus.

+ He's also a pretty avid reader, although he's always favored fiction over anything else.

+ of course Break Time is canon why wouldn't it be

+ He was taught to keep not only the existence of other worlds a secret, but also the nature of the Keyblade, the existence of the Land of Departure, and anything regarding the True Masters.

+ Nine times out of ten, I assume that he still has Wayward Wind as his Keyblade; I go back and forth on just how canon keychains are depending on what castmates prefer.

+ Like Terra and Aqua, he's sensitive to strong gatherings of light or darkness. Vanitas is the exception, since Ven can't very well detect himself. Think how Venom manages to get around Spider-Man's spider-sense. Like that.

+ With regards to his elemental magic, he's only learned spells up to the "-ra" level (Fira, Cura, etc.); the only exception is Aeroga because that's his element duh, and he does know major spells like Megaflare. As for physical attacks, he knows everything in his canon command deck (from Blitz to Salvation).

+ Provided that his canonpoint is post-Dream Drop Distance, he's dimly aware of Sora's identity and role. He knows that Sora sheltered his heart as a child and now looks to be about his own age; thus, Ven will always make the guess that he's been asleep for about ten years.

+ Ven knows the names "Riku" and "Kairi," and if he meets them in-person he's able to call up their names before they even introduce themselves -- but this is an unconscious recognition. He simply knows that those names mean a lot to Sora, Kairi in particular.

+ Similarly, he subconsciously knows the name "Roxas," but can't put a face to the name. Ha... Provided there's no power loss at play, physical contact between them feels familiar, even comfortable, and gives Ven the strong feeling that they're closely connected somehow.

+ He tends to get strong feelings of deja vu when he meets someone Sora knows.

+ He's unaware of Eraqus' fate, but at the same time he's had a bad feeling about it ever since the Graveyard. Learning that he died will shock Ven, but it won't be completely out of the blue for him, either.

+ Due to having a heart of pure light, it's more or less impossible for Ven to do anything "wrong" -- not in the sense that he doesn't make mistakes, but he's dissuaded from ever doing anything with malicious intent. Things like lying and hurting others for selfish gain simply don't occur to him. In the rare event that some of them do, such as when he's under pressure, he won't even entertain the idea of actually acting on those impulses. To a degree, he's literally incapable of most sinful behavior.

Not-so-small things

+ Since Ven and Vanitas are technically the same person, they don't have exclusive ownership of their respective Keyblades. That is to say, if anyone other than Vanitas attempted to take Ven's Keyblade by force, Ven could summon it back to himself and prevent it; but since they're two halves to the same heart, their Keyblades don't recognize one over the other. If Vanitas was able to physically seize hold of Ven's Keyblade, Ven would have to physically get it back. The same goes for the opposite case. As you can see I just like to complicate things and imagine scenarios that will never happen.

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