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A list of headcanon bulletpoints that I've incorporated into my portrayal of Ven over time. The first part is made up of basic backstory things that I use openly in-game, usually done to cover basic angles and common ground that most characters with more visible canon history would have. These impact canonmates very little other than making safe assumptions that I figure are pretty self-explanatory. Note that some of these are subject to change depending on in-game developments.

The second part of this list is comprised of points that are more touchy, if only because they would impact canonmates in significant ways that wouldn't be fair to assume without player approval. I'll only ever use these in PSLs, although I'm fine with incorporating them into a game setting if the player of the affected character would like to. :>

Must be nice, knowin' who your friends are. )
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[ OOC ]
Backtagging: YES PLEASE I do much of this myself.
Threadhopping: Sure, unless otherwise specified.
Fourthwalling: Go for it! Pertaining to in-game, however, check with me first, since that could potentially affect castmates/close CR and I'd want to get their input first.
Offensive subjects: Generally, almost anything goes for me. I understand that IC=/=OOC and the views and beliefs of a character don't necessarily reflect those of the player. Even so, due to Ven's nature and young age, I'm a little pickier regarding what he's exposed to. Suggestive humor/remarks and the like will go over his head 99% of the time, but I'd prefer that anything particularly hard-rated is discussed first. /mother hen noises

[ IC ]
Hugging this character: SURE HUGS ARE GREAT
Kissing this character: Platonic cheek/forehead/whatever kisses are a-okay! Kiss kisses depend on your age (teens/tweens pls&thx) and gender (girls only) but even then expect a good amount of uh???
Flirting with this character: YOU CAN but there's no guarantee he'll realize what you're doing. Chances are good that he won't.
Fighting with this character: Yes. Yes. And yes. Refer to his latest app for an ability summary, and just know that he's... a tough little guy, to put it mildly. I'm always up for either planning out fight scenes ahead of time or just winging it!
Injuring this character: Sure! I'd like to discuss the possibility of any serious injuries beforehand, though.
Killing this character: Nnnnmmmmmmmaaaybe? I don't kill characters lightly, so it would depend on the cirumstances. Regarding [community profile] melodiesoflife, there's a higher chance of it happening at some time or another, but I'd prefer planning ahead all the same.


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