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[OOC] Timeline for [community profile] dragonhaven

JULY 2013

001 : Ven wakes up in the currently-chaotic Havens, in an area known as the Davenport Homestead. Lioriley finds him and essentially takes him under her wing, while Terra tells him that his Terra was there before. Ed advises him to steer clear of Mirkwood, Astraea is puzzled by his optimism, Sophie's kinda cool, and Snow is totally a new friend.

Turns out Maranda isn't quite dead, so Ven pitches in with Terra, Sokka, and Hakumen to try and heal her.

Chandy arrives, a.k.a. some kind of wolf-lady, and Ven finds this completely normal.

Roronoa Zoro arrives and... dude, what is it with you and cutting things?

Ven and Lioriley find some fire lizard eggs! And Ven takes it upon himself to play delivery boy. Rydia and Mjrn give him some pet advice, Sokka and Narancia think about things a little too hard, and Lirael and Astraea put in requests.

Mirkwood party! Ven teaches EVERYONE TO BREAKDANCE while Zoro is... Zoro.


Asuna Yuuki is curious about fire lizards. Long story short, Ven brings her an egg.

Ulfric Stormcloak also wonders about lizards -- and so does Karla.

Asuna's lizard hatched! WHAT TO NAME IT

Terra is a dragon...? Okay, then.

At the Davenport tavern, Ven finally meets Connor via Lioriley, and the three have a talk about life or something.


DEMON FIGHTIN' TIME as Ven defends his home-away-from-home. Awesome teamwork happens alongside Sophie, Sonic the Hedgehog, and some guy named Altair -- and Lioriley gets hurt sob.

A girl named Sakura winds up in Davenport, so Ven gives her the whole dragon lowdown thing and shows her into town.

Astraea's memories get broadcasted and Ven checks up on her; Ed's are more than a little freaky and hey wait how did this turn into a debate about science and magic. 8|a

Another dude in a white hood arrives a.k.a. Ezio.

002 : A blend of Ven's memories shows up on the rune; he gets a little comfort from Asuna and Wing, and confuses Narancia some more.

Maranda's okay! And kind of a kindred spirit.


Shadow the Hedgehog is in Davenport. And grumpy. Ven is not daunted.

Helen Magnus is planning a party!

Ven attends the party in Jormsen and meets up with Terra, Souji, and Sophie and her crablettes. Awesome.

Lioriley is weapons-shopping? WHAT IS THIS.

Helen gives a warning about the zombie outbreak. Pinkie Pie throws them a party. What's wrong with this picture?

Connor's back from crystal stasis.


World-eating... what. The worlds are what.

Shepard reports on the mysterious fog that's shown up. Turns out people's Shadows are coming with it, and Connor faces his. Yosuke Hanamura offers advice on them, and then 003 : Ven faces his own. Again.


Sophie's back from crystal stasis!

004 : Uhhhh guys Ven just beat up a bunch of aliens?? Oh they're slavers kidnapping everyone okay then. Wing and Drift are planning a rescue concerning that, so count Ven in. Rescuing captives with Terra? No big deal.

A snowstorm hits the Havens which means SNOWBALL WAAAAAR with Sophie and the other homestead kids.


Pinkie Pie is organizing welcoming baskets and Ven offers to help.

The Fairies Strike Back: Ven switches powers with Shadow, what is this even. Sophie gets shrunk down to tiny size and Rydia turns into a moogle.

Sonic's back! Or... is he? Memory loss strikes again.

Flora's making antidotes for the potion mishap. Shadow's grumpy. Nothing is new.

Minako Aino wants to know about places to see and... cute boys... what?

005 : Ven's back to normal and looking for sparring partners. He gets offers from Sonic, Asbel, Rydia, and Sophie, approval from Connor, and skepticism or something from Shadow before he agrees.


THE WORLD IS ENDING. Yosuke's worried, and Helen and Terra obviously need some cheering up.

Asuna addresses the World-Eater issue. She and Ven debate methods of approaching it.

006 : Ven alerts the community to his "progress" regarding the ominous cloud of doom. Mjrn questions, Terra frets, Naoto debates, and Shadow rides along to try his hand at approaching the thing.

Asbel announces Sophie's disappearance.

The final battle at last draws near. Ven and Connor talk before the battle, and then all hell breaks loose when the World Eater arrives.

MARCH 2014

Terra announces that Kain fell in battle against the World Eater.

Elize Lutus arrives. New friend-making friend!

Ion arrives and Ven gives him the lowdown. And makes a friiieeend.

Shadow reports his location discoveries and Ven continues his unintentional attempts at driving him mad with typos.

APRIL 2014

Eluned speaks with the people of the Havens and Ven decides to go meet her why not.

Sophie returns! And has a friend named Richard who's in trouble.

Arya Stark re-arrives and oh my God there's someone here that Ven doesn't like.

MAY 2014

Pinkie Pie is upset over her friend's disappearance, so Ven tries to cheer her up.

Roxas arrives and everything is confusing.

Time to heal the land as per Maranda's request! Teamwork with Sophie is go.

Konayuki delivers the news of Connor's and Lioriley's return to their worlds. Now it's up to the Davenport Orphans kids to keep the town safe.

JUNE 2014

007 : Ven finally asks everyone about their knowledge of other worlds. NEWT IS CONFUSING, Naoto and Terra have good points, Flora and Sophie have weird worlds, and Shadow is helpful and cool and advises him on the sea-monster storm.

Phon Coast fourth wall event! Aqua shows up and much feels are had oh no. And building sand-turtles with Twilight is serious business.

JULY 2014

008 : Ven is a bitty! And giving Shadow and Newt headaches, probably.


009 : Ven returns to the Havens! Terra and Elize are worried, Shadow is such a bro, Nai is a new bro, and Souji and Emizel check in on him, too.


010 : Ven faces an enemy in the form of a loved one, but Elize and Shadow have his back.

MARCH 2015

Ven gatecrashes a party and asks Elize to dance do you need any more details than that


HEY SHADOW WHY ARE YOU IN SEAHAVEN?? Are you here in secret? (not anymore)

Memoria event:
-Ven's first memory: Elize meets Terra and Aqua, sort of, and helps Ven focus on the present.
-Ven's second memory: his origins as the X-blade are revealed -- and again, Elize reminds him of what really matters.
Later, he discovers a happy memory on Elize's part.

JUNE 2015

ENDGAME: Ven prepares his farewells, including one to Elize. (His Keyblade has other plans.)

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